“You were the one who was always there for my dad and mother and for me too. With your knowledge and vast expertise you helped us make the right choices with regard to the options and services available, but most of all by giving encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, while always maintaining your professional status.”

Client’s Daughter

“Recently a family member was gravely ill. We were fortunate to have Vivian Stadel as our patient care manager. My relative required dialysis and she arranged transfer to a rehab facility seamlessly, without any effort on our part, with a level of comfort and care to detail”

Son-in-law of Client

“Mrs. Stadel informed us of our aunt’s options regarding home-care, nursing facility care, private as well as government services. She gave us information regarding options for appointment of health care proxy and power of attorney. We ascertained (and arranged for) a foster care setting (out of state, and air ambulance transport). Hats off to Vivian Stadel. Her competent and compassionate service.”

Client’s Niece

“Through Vivian Stadel’s extraordinary efforts, extensive knowledge and devotion, a very serious situation was resolved. She single-handedly righted the wrong. May everyone in need be so fortunate to have such an advocate.”

Program Director, Nazi Victim Services, Self Help Community Services

“I can’t express enough thanks for all your help in making all the arrangements for my uncle’s return home from the nursing home.”

Client’s Nephew

“Vivian Stadel puts her heart and soul into her work. She fills the needs of the person to allow them the best life possible. I put her on some of my most difficult cases, and am always amazed at her ability and stick-with-it attitude. She is a treasure to the elderly.”

Elder Law Attorney and Guardian

“She has provided compassionate treatments to even the most difficult geriatric patients and their families. I rely on her expertise in giving the best care to my private patients in the community.”

Geriatric Psychiatrist